polymer clay art jewelry and beads

About My Jewelry

Polymer clay, a low-fire synthetic clay, is my primary material for creating my jewelry. I’m attracted to its versatility–the immediacy of the colors, which can easily be mixed in a range of vibrant and muted palettes, the ability to work in two and three dimensions, and its adaptability to a variety of mixed media techniques.

I make my polymer clay beads and components by hand in small batches. Some of my beads and components are quickly made in one sitting. Others progress through multiple processes and firings, which may occur over a number of days or weeks, before each piece is completed. Polymer clay beads and components are sanded by hand, and depending on the process or the desired finish, pieces are either buffed to a high shine or protected with a waterproof coating. While beads and components may have similarities in size, color, pattern, or texture, subtle variations mark each element as unique.

To create imagery and patterns I use a variety of techniques, including image transfers, carving, embossing, surface treatments with acrylic paint, alcohol ink, pastels, and metallic powders, and polymer techniques such as cane work and mokume gane. Always mindful of function, I play with design, structure, texture, mark-making, and layering of materials to achieve the intended result.

Found objects, new or vintage beads and findings, fibers, sterling silver, copper, and brass metals and wire often find their way into my work or are incorporated to accentuate imagery or designs.

My shop is closed until further notice. I'm in the process of moving my home and studio to another state. My shop will reopen when my move is completed. Stay tuned for updates! Dismiss