polymer clay art jewelry and beads

Art Jewelry

Jewelry images © Patricia Onorato


 Polymer Clay Beads

Bead images © Patricia Onorato


Artist’s Books, Collage and Assemblage

All artist’s books, collage and assemblage images © Steve Gyurina Photography

From 1995 until 2007 I created one-of-a-kind mixed media artist’s books and also made collages and assemblages. This work was inspired by the concept of place as a physical space, as fictional space, and as state-of-mind. These works act as potential doorways into these private spaces where perception, memory, and emotion intermingle, and where meaning and identity are forged. They are itineraries of these forays through private consciousness. Each piece contains a fragment of interior space infused with elements of longing, loss, the eternal quest for meaning and self, connection and isolation,  memories, and the passage of time. For others, they may become doorways into their own private spaces, points of departure for their own interior journeys. Read my CV.

My shop is closed until further notice. I'm in the process of moving my home and studio to another state. My shop will reopen when my move is completed. Stay tuned for updates! Dismiss