polymer clay art jewelry and beads


KatersAcres 2017 Polymer Clay Challenge: This year I’m excited to be participating in the 2017 Polymer Clay Challenge, hosted by Katie Oskin. 

I’m an avid collector of all sorts of containers–boxes, bowls, baskets, and vases, so for my theme I chose “vessels.” I’ve never made any vessels from polymer clay. My challenge is to create a vessel every week for 52 weeks. Initially, I plan to experiment with different approaches for making vessels, learning what works and what doesn’t work. As I develop my skills, my goal is to create more finished vessels. For more information about this project, visit KatersAcres 2017 Polymer Clay Challenge

Check back often to see my progress!

V Resources: For many years I ran a support group and email network in the Boston area for women with vulvodynia and similar pelvic pain conditions. I no longer run this group, but I try to keep the resource list updated.